Project Description

The Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel (DGRP) is a population consisting of more than 200 inbred lines derived from the Raleigh, USA population. The DGRP is a living library of common polymorphisms affecting complex traits, and a community resource for whole genome association mapping of quantitative trait loci.

This webtool allows users to perform genome wide association studies (GWAS) by providing phenotypes. Please see an instruction here.

Note to users: the new DGRP Freeze 2 web server is online! Please follow the link here. This server will remain operational for a period of time. However, we strongly recommend you use the DGRP Freeze 2 web server for further analyses.

Note to users: this server replaces the previous web server with significant speed improvement (less than 10min for a GWAS). You should expect to obtain the same results. The new DGRP2 web server (forthcoming) will mimic this interface and accept phenotypes in the same format.

Submit Phenotype Data for GWAS

Please complete steps I-III

  1. Email address for results: 
  2. Upload phenotype file (Try DGRP2?): 
    Click to view example phenotype files and format (if there are phenotypes for both sexes, be sure to place male before female)
  3. Execute Genome Wide Association Study: